New Martial Arts Speed Training Program Quickens and Strengthens Lower Body, Upper Body, and Core Muscles... In Record Time.

Perfect for any Martial Arts program or anyone desiring a complete full body workout.

Dr. Larry Van Such had been contemplating assembling a martial arts speed training program for some time. Now after repeated requests he has completed his most comprehensive speed training program ever.

The soon to be released "Strike Faster Martial Arts Speed Training Program":

  • Uses isometric training with the help of the resistance band as perhaps the most effective speed training technique available today.
  • 28 uniquely designed exercises can be used by anyone to tone, quicken, and strengthen upper body, lower body and core muscles.
  • Helps increase striking speed for all major punches, kicking power for all major kicks, and improves core agililty movements.
  • Improves defensive speed for blocking strikes, blocking kicks, and preventing take-downs.
  • Great for all ages, all body types, and levels of fitness and competition.
  • Exercises can be done almost anywhere and anytime, no special equipment is needed.
  • Exercises leave you feeling lighter, faster, and more responsive immediately.

This program will be released very soon.

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The legendary Bruce Lee was known as one of the fastest and quickest athletes the world has ever seen. Isometrics was a big part of his training regimen. Todays isometrics with the resistance band, the way we teach it, is even more effective at developing speed.


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